Body Horror Plots and their Paranoia

This subgenre focuses on bodies, whether it’s a human’s or any other creatures’ body. The state of degeneration or the brutality on the body may be a cause or effect. The body horror films were first christened in 1986; it was a byproduct of the sci-fi genre and body degeneration that resulted in ghastly scenes on the screen. Blobs of meat moving, humans turning into creatures, surgical mishaps, forced transformations, etc are some of the themes on which body horror movies have taken people into a scary pit.

My first body horror movie was seeing “Slither”, a worm-shaped meat creature slimes its way through your body converting you into a monster. The scenes where people are most vulnerable truly made the heart stop or sometimes I wanted to shout out to the characters to look out for the tiny little blob.

Body horror can’t be complete without sci-fi and the film “The Fly” does the perfect justice. Jeff Goldblum’s character turns into a big fly in front of his girlfriend and the skin keeps on getting messy & there is a share of romance but it does raise a question into your mind as you see a person turn into a creature, he doesn’t stop but keeps on experimenting adding to his misery.


The human mind is an extraordinary organ; we have done some amazing things since our civilisations were established. Scientists today often try to study the viability of a parallel universe, What if? It is always on the cards. One such body horror shows us the descent of a scientist from finding truths of the parallel universe to becoming a flesh eating being. “From Beyond” is one such movie. It made me quiver and I came to my senses after some time.

Gluttony and Lust are sins, but what if they cause changes to your body at extreme levels? I came across “Taxidermia”, a Hungarian movie. It has elements of performing taxidermy on one’s own body, eerie desires and gluttony. If you are up for such movies then do try it out.

John Carpenter’s “The Thing” is a classic case of body horror move with its graphic content and an enigmatic antagonist it was quite a path breaking concept. The faceless alien which plays the antagonist kills the people and assumes their identity. The movie is based on an abandoned lab at some cold, gloomy place this film does presents a perfect dose of horror to the audiences. This movie was voted one of the favorites on the Gorehor twitter poll.