Zombie Horror Movie Facts: Things You Never Knew

Horror movies deliver the scares to its audiences very well in a variety of ways possible. Body horror movies thank gorey effects, psychological horror thanks your own imagination, while zombie horror spends a lot of money of makeup and even special classes for teaching extras in zombie-ing. But even in their precautions, there are still slips that the audience would find in the movies, most probably in their second to nth times of watching the movies. Here, we’ll be listing some facts about zombie movies that you may or may not have spotted during the scaring. (From IMDB.com)

  • The first red haired zombie Segen shoots in World War Z can be seen being killed again as Segen and the WHO doctor flee, and then again as Gerry crosses the sky bridge.
  • World War Z was also Brad Pitt’s first zombie film, who also personally chose Marc Foster to direct the film.
  • Athletes were casted as the Infected in 28 Days Later. Danny Boyle felt that since athletes can do things others can’t, they would be interesting when translated into the movements of the Infected.
  • For the London scenes in 28 Days Later, police would close the roads at 4AM for one hour. After that hour, producers got several attractive young women (including Danny Boyle’s daughter) to ask the drivers to either wait or find another route. That got them to continue the filming.
  • 28 Weeks Later, sequel to 28 Days Later, had a wrong route in the film. The three survivors want to get from Regent’s Park to Wembley, but their chosen route clearly takes them by Parliament Square, Whitehall and Charing Cross, which is in the opposite direction. They should be driving through St. John’s Wood.
  • Readers Digest tried to warn people away from watching Night of the Living Dead in 1968, claiming that if they watch it, they will be inspired of cannibalism.
  • Susan Wloszczyna, a reporter for USA Today, appeared as one of the zombies in Land of the Dead. She was there interviewing her fellow zombies as well as the director. She spent nearly an hour and 45 minutes in the make-up chair.
  • Actress Jenna Fischer said on a TV talk show that she got the role of Shelby in Slither as a “birthday present” from her spouse, director James Gunn, after another actress dropped out of the movie. She have always wanted to play a zombie, and she screamed with joy once she heard the news.
  • The female police officer in Scouts Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse who flashes the scouts after getting her uniform caught in a fence was actually an adult film star named Missy Martinez.
  • Zombieland’s script, originally for a television pilot, was heavily revise to become a feature film.
  • Despite top billing as part of the cast in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Lena Heady does not appear in the flesh until the 34-minute mark in a 3-second flashback. Properly introduced only in the 58-minute mark, she only gets a total of 6 minutes’ worth of screen time in the entire film.